Payment Information Page

Patrons and Sponsors are important to the success of Mieville. Therefore, we have created a number of ways you can help our community remain effective and productive in meeting the needs of merchants and residents alike. 

Making donations of any value can be done at the Steampunk Information Centre located in Mieville Doyle, click here to get the SLURL.

You may also make donations via Paypal, by either making payment to

Or you can use the QRCode with your phone or other device:  

Patrons and Sponsors will be able to purchase packages at the Steampunk Information Centre; however, you can also make those payments with the same link above. After payment, the admin team will reach out to you at your Second Life account. Please leave instructions in your payment with your Second Life name (not display name) to be added to our patrons and sponsors list, and to collect your rewards. IF you can prefer, you can put "anon" in the instructions and your information will not be provided to anyone, or added to the patrons and sponsors lists.

***Please note, we will not gather any information or retain any information from your donations. All donations will be processed through the security of Paypal, and none of that information will be saved or shared outside of the Paypal system itself. We will not contact you via email or any other personally identifiable information Paypal gathers and none of the Paypal donation methods are a form of subscription. Payment in Second Life will gather only your avatar name, and this will not be saved other than payments through CasperLet and Casper Vendors. The information in Casperlet and Casper Vendors will not be gathered by the Mieville team in any way, it will remain on those servers until such time as those servers no longer exist. For your information to be retained by the Mieville Administration team, you MUST request that it be saved and stored in a notecard or Google Sheets.