Patrons and Sponsors

Mieville Patrons & Sponsors:

****Please message Annakari Genesis if you are ready to purchase any patron packages prior to 02-13-2023. Vendors will not be ready until that week. Casperlets are now ready for Sponsor packages.****

Here at Mieville we strive to bring the world alive for a variety of adventures, focused around Steampunk and Victorian themed regions, alongside fantasy and creative endeavors by a variety of creators, designers, and developers. 

Our goal is to provide events, street fairs, stores, entertainment, social activities, grid-wide hunts, and housing for new and current residents, and much more,  at an affordable cost that enables growth for individuals and merchants alike. In order to create a stable and welcoming environment, Mieville is seeking generous patrons and sponsors to aid in our ability to keep regions and ventures.

Mieville will continue to offer free events and street fairs for as long as we can support the regions using other means, such as donations, sponsors, and patrons. Additionally, a number of Mieville regions will offer rentals to assist those regions with costs. 

There are a few different ways to contribute to the events and activities of Mieville regions. Patrons, Sponsors, and donations are all methods.

Donations will be collected by a tip jar system located in various places during events and around the regions (along with street fairs and in social and entertainment destinations). All donations are greatly appreciated and added to the money collected exclusively for use in Mieville regions and activities. You may also donate via Paypal, please see our Payment Information page.

Patrons are a level of contribution that allows you to donate as you can, not monthly. Unlike donations, these are rewarded contributions to Mieville Historical Hunts. These will be able to be purchased from a CasperVendor setup to go directly to the Mievillehistoricalhunts avatar. Patron reward levels are listed below.

There are two types of sponsors with a variety of options for each Sponsor type. Mieville Sponsor Packages are monthly packages that are paid using a Casperlet, which can be canceled at any time, but no refund can be issued. Please review all of the packages below.

Event Sponsors are the second type of sponsorships available. Event sponsorships occur for a single event and only for that event. The many benefits of becoming an event sponsor are listed below. Event Sponsors are not required to be merchants, and you can elect to do things such as decorate the space available or donate it to other merchants where you can be listed as the sponsor of that location within the event.

Mieville Patrons:

The Mieville Patrons packages will include the following offerings, which will be available in the Steampunk Information Centre.

Anyone can donate to Mieville anonymously using the donation kiosk located in the Steampunk Information Center or Paypal on our Payment Information page. These donations will not result in recognition but will be allocated to the regions to ensure they continue running. Patron donations include presents and recognition (you can opt out of recognition by sending a message to Annakari Genesis).

Rookie Patron Title

For 1,000L you can purchase a Mieville Fan Poster to place in your store or other location, and your name will be added to the Patron’s board, which will be located in the meeting area of the Mieville regions. Currently located on Mieville Doyle in the Steampunk Information Center. 

For each additional 1,000L purchase a new poster will be sent to you during that month, featuring a current event in the Mieville regions. The poster will be framed in a mesh frame or on a canvas board, and will be modify and copy. This poster will ONLY be available that month, and ONLY through the Loyal Mieville Patron program. Additionally, your name will be added to more boards throughout the region and you can be added to drawings for the ability to pick names for buildings, streets or other structures; as they become available. 

At 5,000 lindens, the patron will earn a level one Royal Mieville Coin, where the coins will change and continue throughout increased contributions. (This will be checked once every month to determine the number of contributions). 

A store will be developed where you may purchase different items, such as posters, t-shirts, and other items. All proceeds will go directly to the Mieville Regions Support funds. 

Mieville Sponsor Packages:

Sponsor packages are designed to enable individuals to contribute to events and regions in a meaningful way that benefits the sponsors and the Mieville Regions and Events. Each package is designed with perks that may change over time (not less, but more). At this time, Mieville regions we know will need continued support of sponsors and patrons are Mieville Shelle, Mieville Dickens, and Mieville Kipling. We will have more information on regions and locations in use as it becomes available. Regions that will be donating spaces, at this time, include Mieville Dragonsworn, Mieville Shelley, Mieville Kipling, and Mieville Dickens — possibly to include Mieville Twain and Mieville Doyle and updates as we have more information. Packages will be available in the Steampunk Information Centre.

Grand Knight (Dame) of Mieville 

A Grand Knight (or Dame) of Mieville is a title given to elite sponsors that assist the group in a monthly fashion with contributions equal to 30,000 lindens per month. Options available to a Grand Knight (or Dame) of Mieville include the following:

Knight (or Dame) Commander of Mieville 

The Knight Commander or Dame Commander of Mieville is the title given to the second level of sponsor contributors on a monthly basis, equaling 20,000 lindens per month. Options available to a Knight Commander or Dame Commander of Mieville include the following:

Honorary Commander of Mieville 

An Honorary Commander of Mieville is a sponsor who contributes at least 10,000 lindens per month to the operations of regions and events under the Mieville group. This options has the following available benefits:

Honorary Lieutenant of Mieville 

The Honorary Lieutenant of Mieville is a sponsor who contributes at least 5,000 lindens per month to the Mieville regions and events. Benefits for this package include the following:

Honorary Member of Mieville 

An Honorary Member of Mieville is any sponsor who contributes at least 1,000 lindens per month to the Mieville regions and events, for a minimum of six consecutive months. The following is the benefits from this package:

Event Only Sponsors:

Event only sponsors contribute to a single event exclusively. Each event they contribute to enables the individual or organization the benefits as listed below, with the exceptions as listed. Street Fairs are not included in this design. Sign ups for each event sponsor will be announced at the time of application openings for each event. Please see the event pages for more details. Packages will be announced in the groups, including the location to purchase the sponsorship.


Each single event can only accept 1 individual, per event region, at this level. Platinum event sponsorship is 30,000 lindens to a single event, and receives the following benefits:


Each single event can only accept 1 individual, per event region, at this level. Diamond event sponsorship is 20,000 lindens to a single event, and the following benefits are granted:


Each event can only accept 3 individuals, per event region, at this level. The Golden sponsorship level is 10,000 lindens to a single event, and these are the benefits gained:


Each event can only accept 3 individuals, per event region, at this level. At the Ruby sponsorship level the contributor has added 5,000 lindens to a single event and the following are the benefits achieved: