Mieville Merchants

Mieville Merchants make Mieville WONDERFUL! 

This page includes a list, in no particular order, of merchants located within the Mieville Primary and Family Regions.

They are sorted by Mieville region, making it easier to know where to start your exploration.

Mieville Regions

There are a number of regions in the Mieville Family:

Mieville Primary Merchant Regions:

Mieville Doyle

Mieville Kipling

Mieville Twain

Mieville Primary Event Regions:

Mieville Shelley

Mieville Dragonsworn

Mieville Home and Privately Managed Regions:

Mieville Mountain Rose

Mieville Pond

Mieville Poe

Mieville Verne II

Mieville Dragonsworn



Mieville Regions undergoing Construction:

Mieville Chesterton

Mieville Dickens

Mieville Docks

Mieville Doyle - The Heart of Mieville

Mieville Doyle is the heart of Mieville, filled with merchants, street fairs, the Steampunk Information Centre, our Welcome Center, and more!

Visit Mieville Doyle

Steampunk Information Centre

One of the oldest buildings in the Mieville regions, still actively used for meetings, information, and where you can see a variety of all our previous events and activities.

Visit Steampunk Information Centre

Mieville HH Welcome Center

New to Mieville, or simply exploring to see what all you have missed... this is your first stop to adventure. Everything from event information to exploration information at your clickable fingers.

Visit the MHH Welcome Center

All Things Beautiful...Textures

Silver Aster presents All Things Beautiful (ATB).

Textures and more textures established in 2007. The purpose is to add some colors to Second Life. All the looks and feels you want in the way of textures in one place.

Visit All Things Beautiful

Grasshopper St.

Satellite store location for Grasshopper St.

Original mesh hats, accessories & clothing with vintage style, ranging from medieval to mid-century, with the occasional dash of New Orleans flair.

Visit Grasshopper St.

Peace of the North Shore Gallery

Photographic wonders in the Gallery, for sale or just exploring.

Visit Peace of the North Shore Gallery

Aster Second Sight Gallery I

A place to set and have a rest in the Victorian or Japanese Tea Room and look at the Secondlife Phots Taken by myself and Company.

Visit Aster Second Sight Gallery I

Mieville Kipling

The beautiful and adventerous section of Mieville. Includes full perm merchants, sound merchants, the outdoor eatery, and the Fuddled Flox (pub). Stop in and check out the area, explore for rentals for your store or just stop in for a bite.

Visit Mieville Kipling

TFF - Tayren's Fantasy Fashions

TFF Main Shop with Fantasy and Vintage items for men and ladies; Valentine's Day, Flowers, gowns,  clothing, hair, fairies, armor, baroque, renaissance, lingerie, tuxedos, hair, jewelry, decorations... and more.

Visit TFF - Tayren's Fantasy Fashion

Kim's Kreations

Home & Garden Items for all seasons.  Low land impact, low priced decor, furniture, landscaping, houses, skyboxes & much more!  Items for Dinkies & Little Ones also. Drop by to try your luck at the Lucky Letters, Midnight Madness Board & pick up some Gifts!

Visit Kim's Kreations

Angel Fae Boutique

Specializing in Rugs and Stained Glass

Visit Angel Fae Boutique

Angel Fae Boutique Full Perm

Full perm prim skirts of various types. 

Visit Full Perm! Angel Fae Boutique

Aster Second Sight Gallery II

A place to set and have a rest in the Victorian or Japanese Tea Room and look at the Secondlife Phots Taken by myself and Company.

Visit Aster Second Sight Gallery II

Panthar FP Sounds

Full permission sounds of all kinds - Visitor Gift and Free FP Looping Sound Script available

Visit Panthar FP Sounds

Mieville Twain

Mieville Mountain Rose

Steampunk and Fantasy floating throughout the beautiful and abundant Mieville Mountain Rose. Home to the Tiogar family and a variety of small stores. Once the home to Perryn Village and features a variety of areas to explore.

Meadow's Whimsy

Wyrmwood Fairy Eggs & Food. Homes, Furniture & Furnishings for adult avatars & Petites.  Low prim Cottages, Gazebos, Sculpted Art, Fae Dance Pavilion, Crystal Palace, Fountains, Meditation Mats & Bubbles, Jewelry, Womens & Child Clothing, Wings" regular & petite.  Seasonal & Role Play items. 

Visit Meadow's Whimsy

Mieville Pond

Mieville Poe

Mieville Verne II

Mieville Dragonsworn