All About Mieville

Mieville in Second Life

Mieville's Vision Statement:

Our vision is a Second Life where opportunities are available to all, filled with diversity, freedom, and open to growth and development.

Mieville's Mission Statement:

Our mission is two-fold:

The first is to provide a caring and loving community of diverse individuals, safe from persecution or judgment, giving individuals the support and freedom to explore their individuality in Second Life.

The second is to welcome and nurture new merchants, with opportunities they need to flourish in the SL environment, learn about renting, building, and joining events throughout the SL experience. 

Mieville's Values:

In the words of our founder, Perryn Peterson

May he always be remembered and honored in these regions and the community.

We save and promote his words here, we stand to honor them and support them. Content that has been updated will appear in [ ] and italics. This has been gathered from the region convenants across the Mieville regions. (Read the full Archived Texts Here). 

"We have the honour to welcome you to Mieville, a 19th century Victorian Steampunk continent.

These sims are wholly owned by the [Mieville Historical Hunts Merchants].  The buildings apart from those held privately, intellectual property and some characters/avatars come under the aegis of said entities.

These sims are rated "Mature".  However, public nudity is prohibited and courtesy is expected of everyone.  Nineteenth century garb and activities are appreciated.  You will find many interesting places to explore and sights to see here.


Everyone you might meet has a role to play and a life to live here in SL.  From the proverbial butchers, bakers and candlestick makers to inventors, innkeepers, scientists, librarians, doctors and lawyers, they are to be found in Mieville.  Our residents are extremely talented artists and craftspeople as well as imaginative, creative dreamers.    

Many cultural events are held here, from dances to opera, from poetry readings to treasure hunts.  Join us!  Throughout Mieville, you will find items offered free to you from our generous shopkeepers and builders.


Every structure placed here, whether built by you or purchased ready-made, MUST be approved by [Admin team] or one of his officially designated representatives (Estate Managers).  There will be absolutely no exceptions to this rule.  Structures are to be Victorian with Steampunk touches encouraged.  

Surroundings may change with the seasons.  There will most likely be snow during the Christmas season, for example.  You are encouraged to decorate your home or business accordingly.  Seasonal events are similarly desirable.  


Yard sales, outdoor malls, [--] modern signs (for sale, casino, camping, etc.), non-theme structures, walking-signboard avatars, scams (including the attempt to sell items that are available free elsewhere), clubs (but inns approved ahead of time are fine), gambling for Lindens or real currency, racial or other prejudicial slurs, hate speech, public nudity or public overtly sexual activity.  

No one under 18 will be permitted in Mieville which are designated Mature Sims.  Child avatars are permitted BUT no sexual activity of any kind involving them will be tolerated.  

Weapons such as personal knives, daggers, bows, pistols, etc., are permitted to be worn but not discharged except on designated firing ranges.  In-theme and appropriate decor such as displaying cannons on your pirate ship is allowed.  [Modern weapons are no longer banned from Mieville regions; however, firing, threatening, or otherwise disturbing the peace in non-combat zones is a bannable offense]."

"Furthermore this is NOT a combat sim [There are occasionally GCS Combat zones; however, there are no other locations on Mieville where combat is permitted].  Likewise it is NOT a Force Collar area.  There are no slaves in Mieville.  Those seeking submissive roles may choose to be servants, in the style of Victorian culture.  For all, this is a place of relaxation and retreat as well as learning. "

Mieville's Code of Conduct

Conflict Resolution:

Mieville's Current Policy on the use of AI in creations:

As many of you know, there is a great deal of controversy regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI or A.I.) in writing and or artwork. 

At this time, Linden Lab does not specify the use of A.I. in creation of objects, art, written content or other uses as applicable.

This said, it is important to note that Mieville will continue to honor ALL Linden Lab rules and regulations and the use of A.I. will be strictly monitored to ensure that merchants within Mieville are not using materials that are protected under copyright. Please note that it is now and in the future the responsibility of the individual creator to ensure that A.I. driven materials are within the copyright rules and regulations as listed by Linden Lab and that if Linden Lab should add additional rules and regulations regarding AI Mieville will strictly enforce those rules.

In other words, you as the individual bringing materials into Second Life, are directly responsible for all content you bring into Second Life to Mieville regions. We will strictly hold you accountable for those materials and will remove individuals from Mieville who infringe upon copyright of anyone. Further, LL will be notified of any offenders reported to the admin staff at the time of the individuals removal from Mieville. 

Please understand that we respect that the use of AI is currently under a lot of controversy in both the legal and public forums around the world. We in no way intend to involve ourselves in "picking sides"; however, copyright is a legal aspect of creator rights, specifically intellectual property and we stand firmly behind the right of individuals to protect their individual property within those areas.

Thank you for your understanding.

Mieville Admin Staff

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