Silk Road Event & Gridwide Hunt

Silk Road XIV - Pax Mongolia and the Royal Highway

Silk Road XIV will run from June 1st through June 30th

This is an EVENT and a GRIDWIDE HUNT

The Event will take place on Mieville Shelley and Mieville Dickens

*Applications are open until May 28th*

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Are you interested in being part of the Silk Road XIV event? Mieville proudly presents Silk Road XIV - a multi-region event and the theme is Mongolia and Germany in the late 1300s early 1400s! Join Europe on Mieville Shelley or Mongolia and enjoy the many themed booths and buildings.

Not interested in the event? No problem, you can do the Grid Wide hunt or the event, or both... have fun with it, go crazy!

All event locations are donation driven, this means that you donate what you can, the recommendation is that you donate 2L per LI used. Donation stations will be placed around the regions of the events. The event this year will take place across Mieville Shelley and Mieville Dickens. 

Sponsorships are available on Mieville Doyle, which also allows you first pick at merchant buildings.

The hunt takes place in your stores at your store locations, and is a free hunt for all hunters. This year, the hunt is a scripted system that will not require us to do walk-thrus. Your hunt poster will tell us when it is rezzed, the hunt item will tell us when it is rezzed, and you will send a picture to Meadow to be placed on the blog and website to advertise that you are in the hunt. 

Please understand, we will not be doing walk throughs, and problems with hunt items or posters must be corrected in order to remain in the hunt; however, we are available for any questions or concerns you have. You can message Annakari Genesis, Meadow Tiogar, or Farzaneh Eel. Others in the group may be able to help you as well.

Please note, you must fill out this form accurately or we will not be able to send you the hunt or event kit (based on what you sign up for). You must adhere to all of the rules for the hunt and event, failure will result in removal from Silk Road, you will only have one warning.

The hunt is a GRID WIDE HUNT

Rules of the Hunt:

1) Hunt gifts and event merchant items must adhere to all Second Life content rules. You may not use any resellers, BIABs (Business in a Box) or any freebies found in other merchant's offerings (such as free on the MP or in another merchant's store). 

2) You must be able to be contacted through SL to receive packages for the hunt/event. Additionally, you must be in the Historical Hunts LTD Merchant group to stay informed of the setup dates and times and receive information regarding this event/hunt, for the duration of the event/hunt.

3) Details you provide in this form must be accurate at the time of the event and hunt, or you must use the update notecard to ask that changes are made. Please read all materials in your merchant packages.

4) Hiding your hunt item is an important part of the hunt, please remember not to hide your hunt item inside of other prims or beneath an alpha item. 

5) Acceptance to the hunt and event is not guaranteed, all applications will be reviewed and merchant/hunt boxes will be delivered to those who are accepted. We reserve the right to refuse applications for stores and merchants that clearly fail to meet the standards of LL regulations and rules as set here within.

Please have fun and be creative with your hunt gifts, we also ask that your store focus on the theme; however, in the event you will be able to have stores that fit into the Silk Road themes of Mongolia and Eastern Europe during the 1300s through the 1400s. The limit of the theme is only in your imagination of how the event can come to life. 

If you have any questions please send a message to Annakari Genesis, Meadow Tiogar, Una, or Farzaneh Eel or you can check in the Mieville Historical Hunts Merchants group.


**Merchants will receive a hunt package with acceptance, which will occur by May 15th.

***Merchant HUNT posters must be put out immediately after acceptance***

***ALL MERCHANTS in the HUNT MUST BE SET UP BY May 31st unless you notify a member of ADMIN TEAM***

Silk Road XIV - Multi Region EVENT:

***Sponsor Merchant booth selection will begin on May 20th***

***All other merchant selection will begin on March 25th***

***ALL MERCHANTS in the EVENT Must select a booth by May 29th and complete setup by or on the 31st, to keep their booth/shop in the event***

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Sponsorships for Silk Road will be done a little differently - There are three levels available: 1,000 Lindens, 2,000 Lindens, and 5,000 Lindens. All three levels select their shop locations earlier than other merchants. Additionally, all 1 & 2 K sponsorships will have their logos presented at all Silk Road events as part of the sponsorship program. 1k sponsorships are able to use 100 more land impact than other merchants. 2K sponsorships will have an extra 200 land impact. Further, all 5K sponsorships will have this advantage, twice the LI allocation as other merchants, and have their logos on website and in Flickr. All sponsorships will also have access to send out notices in the Mieville Historical Hunts group to advertise their products during the event and hunt. Vendors are located here: Mieville Doyle