Renaissance Event & Gridwide Hunt

MHH Renaissance Faire & Gridwide Hunt XIII

Wander into the past and explore the various aspects of the Renaissance Faire! Includes Rides, Pirates, and more! It's teatime social meets, a variety of merchants, and even includes a gridwide hunt!

The Renaissance Event & Gridwide Hunt will run from Sept. 1st - 24th (2023)

FOR THE HUNT - go to the blog and see all the gifties the merchants have prepared for you! -

Merchants and activities at the event will be found in the MHH Blog -

 =====  WHAT TO DO AT THE FAIRE =====

*> Grid-wide Hunt: Get a list of shops and LMs from the MHH hunt website:

*> To view some of the hunt gifts, see the hunt blog:


Check back to both sites often for updates to the lists.  

You are looking for the event poster at each shop location. 

Click the gargoyle for a hint.   Find a gargoyle with the gift.  (See an example of the gargoyle on the What to do at the Faire poster.)

There is a group join button on the board in the Welcome building where you landed.


Renaissance Faire Market Village:  Explore the wonderful shops and fun locations in the old "Village of Lothbury" at the Faire landing area.


Game: While you explore the Village market, pick up points you can use to buy gifts at selected shops.

Mini Hunts:  Some shops may include a mini hunt within the shop. Look out for that while hunting.  

KNOWN MINI HUNTS: (see posters at the Renaissance Faire Landing)

Finding Fortunato Quest - at Botanica

** Ask on the Mieville Historical Hunts group chat if you need help.  **

MHH Renaissance Faire & Gridwide Hunt Attributions

Welcome Welcome! The first day of MHH Renaissance Faire & Gridwide Hunt is upon us!

As you embark into this great day of exploration, hunting, and exploring we wish to take a moment to pay special tribute to those who made this day and many more days to come (until Sept. 24th) possible.

First, to our amazing lead staff, who has diligently worked to create this beautiful town in which many merchants have come to create even more beauty for all to enjoy!

Una (unalunaqat)  and Bella Bradley (bellabornebradley)

You are honored amongst us, valuable beyond even the most precious of gems and metals!

It could not even just be in this amazing portion that you come to enjoy the marvels that are this year's Ren, oh no, there is even more...

Look but to the South East and feast upon the amazing creations provided by Cara Cali (caracali.nova).

Could this be but all the wonders? NO! There is more... to the NORTH...

Arcadia Asylum Living Library from Briony Juran, embraces the marvels of the seaside villages on our very borders!

To the West.... dare I say I see rides? Entertainment so progressive for the time, and this cannot even be but a tease upon my body and mind... BUT the tastes that only the eyes can enjoy? Ride and see for yourself! All this from the amazing Kerhop Seattle!

South brings a fantastical and magically quaint castle and forest from Annakari Dragonsworn (annakari.genesis) & Christoph Dragonsworn (bigchris774).


Of course, just as we let these words of gratitude fall from our lips we realize we speak not fast enough to even get to the heroes of the hunt! Could you but go forward towards the gifts and claim that we are not missing but two amazing souls from the head of this list? Let me speak them here!

Farzaneh Eel


Meadow Tiogar (meadow.copperfield)

Merchants and Hunters lament in the knowledge that only MHH has these most honored souls amongst it!


What about entertainment? Of course, this behind the scenes activity, where you cannot even fathom the quiet meticulous work that has been occurring, preparing, brewing even. Who might we endlessly thank for the schedule of events? Well, of course, our one and only DIRECTOR OF ENTERTAINMENT!

Thank you to Silver Aster

But... our Master of Games you ask? Oh, we could never forget our silken hero of the games! His magic is young, but strong, and growing every day... Simply check out the hidden gargoyles he commands around the region. You cannot but marvel at the magical scoreboard hung upon the Lothbury Township Hall wall!

Thank you to Roger Thunders


There of course were the unsung heroes... stepped in to claim not fame and fortune but continuity, growth, and community!

Sorrell Scorpio (sorrell.fang)

Kim (kimberleyalice1961)


Ahhh, and still we must continue, because no event, not a one can continue or carry forward without the strength of it's sponsors, coming forth and carrying the Mieville community and this wonderous event forward, let me name them here!

Tayren Theas

Dax Morgan (dax.morningstar)

Zyn (xzynna.rae)

Kim (kimberleyalice1961)

Sebby (sebastiantiogar)

Carline Thistle Studley Moon (flowertower)

Ali (alessandra.corvinus)

Pierre Ceriano

Lindy (delinda.abbot)


We send out the most warm felt... the lightest and brightest shining hugs and love to ALL the merchants, all the teams, ALL the people... yes, even you... you who have made this year's Renaissance Faire possible. You are all the lights that bring forth the heavens to the Earth, shining so brightly that oft' times I consider I should avert my eyes to prevent blindness. But, look away? Miss the grandeur that is your amazing stamina, your endurance through all that has passed and willingness to yet stand forth bravely and face the future. Aye, but I cannot look away.

As you wander, as you explore....

Forget not these amazing fellow members of our Mieville Community when sharing your love. For their strength, passion, and commitment have brought forth that which words can only just scratch the surface. Come and play in our worlds. 

Mieville is your home away from home and heart of us all!