Mieville Haunted Halloween

Mieville Haunted Halloween

Mieville Haunted Halloween 

October 13th - November 12th


This is a MULTI REGION event with activities to participate that will occur ONLY on Mieville Regions. 

*Applications are open until October 5th - HOWEVER - open spaces will only be available until September 20th*

Merchant Mieville Haunted Halloween is a multi-region event which will include a variety of builders and different types of areas and spaces. Each of these sections will have a town name, and a description by opening day. Merchants selecting open space locations are welcome to contribute to the locations storyline. Please be sure to review each option carefully prior to making a selection when completing the application process.

Themed Sections:

Fun and Cute - G rating

Cute and Scary - PG rating

Scary - PG 13 rating

Day of the Dead - G rating

Fall and Pumpkins - G rating

***G rated - general or family friendly; PG rating - parental guidance, probably not good for very young children but mostly fine; PG 13 rating - parental guidance, probably not good for under 13 years old***

**In addition, please be very aware of the TOS from Linden Labs regarding blood and gore, scary may not include things that would require the region to be adult rated, none of the Mieville regions are adult regions. All scary must be PG 13 and under.** 


Open Space regions are a location in a variety of sizes, which a merchant fills with their own objects/buildings/landscaping and decor. 

Space Sizes available are:

32 x 32

64 x 64

128 x128

Open spaces will be available to sponsors first, remaining open spaces will be first come first serve. In the application you will select a theme and the corresponding open space or booth or cart information. Please note, not all themes will actively allow open-space merchants, or may have special requirements.


Mieville Haunted Halloween will include the usual opportunities for merchants - booths, shops, and carts. As with all events, these are free to merchants; however, sponsors will have first pick of their locations, including first pick of available open-spaces.

Mieville Haunted Halloween merchants are encouraged to be involved in the following activities:

The MIEVILLE Regions will have a Haunted Halloween hunt, featuring all merchants in locations within the Mieville regions. Please note, this is NOT a gridwide hunt, this is an ALL Mieville regions hunt.

The Mieville Regions will have a variety of different games, which will allow players to gather points and get items from merchants (which will be setup like the current Renaissance Faire Game). 


The Application for Mieville Haunted Halloween will also invite entertainers, if you know of entertainers, please encourage them to complete the application as well. 


Setup for Open Space merchants will begin approximately September 20th. Setup for sponsors seeking booths or carts will be October 1st for most locations. Remaining setup will be approximately October 7th for all other merchants.


Please note, merchants who have not claimed a spot by October 10th may not have an opportunity to get a spot. Merchants who have claimed a spot by not filled it by October 12th, may have that spot given to another merchant.

****We WILL begin sending out ACCEPTANCE Letters beginning with this event****

Thank you for your application and looking forward to seeing you in the Mieville Haunted Halloween!