Guidelines for Events & Hunts

Guidance &  Rules for Mieville Historical Hunts & Events

About Mieville: The Mieville community in SL was created by Perryn Peterson in 2008. In 2009, Perryn and colleagues created SL's first ever grid-wide Steampunk Hunt, followed in 2010 by the creation of the grid-wide Silk Road Hunt and Mieville's grid-wide Renaissance Hunt. These month-long "Historical Hunts" have continued annually ever since. At some point, organized themed Markets, Events, Faires, and entertainments were coupled with these Hunts. Additional smaller Events and Street Fairs developed over the years. All of this together has made Mieville a vibrant and very active SL community with a long and proud history.

Mieville's Historical Hunts & Events have a long and respected tradition of fun, fairness, generosity and silliness, inclusion, and being geared toward General to Moderate audiences and content. We coordinate large grid-wide hunts and multi-region events and therefore expect all merchant participants to abide by these guiding principles. In addition, we expect all merchants to follow our set-up processes and due dates, and to let us know when you have questions.  Mieville staff are on hand to help you!

Why should you and your shop participate? Both Hunts and Events provide good exposure to your shop, bringing to your doorstep a wide range of Hunters and Visitors who might otherwise not learn about or ever visit your shop. They both offer fun opportunities to showcase your creativity, reach new customers, and engage with a large and active community! Mieville Hunts are also super affordable for merchants as there are zero fees for participating! You may also get extra publicity through coverage on our Mieville Historical Hunts blog!  We are flexible on most things and our rules are easy to follow! 

Cultural sites: And although we say "merchants" and "shops," sites such as art galleries, museums, libraries, etc. are very welcome to participate! For our Hunts, as long as you can make your own appropriate gift for Hunters, have your own site where Hunters can visit, and abide by our simple rules, you and your site are very welcome to apply! The same pertains to participating in our Events: as long as you have items / products you have created and can add to a cart, shop, or booth, you are encouraged to apply!

Everyone: Please read below to familiarize yourself with our guidance, rules, and expectations. We look forward to you joining us in our Events & Hunts!   

~ The Mieville Historical Hunts & Events staff reserve the right to drop from the Hunt / Event any Merchant Shop that does not abide by our Guidance & Rules. ~
We will make every effort to first communicate with you about the issue, and work with you toward satisfactory resolution. We want you to be in our Events & Hunts!

General Rules for Mieville Historical Hunts & Events — Read me!

1.  Mieville Historical Hunts & Events have themes:  For our Hunts, Hunt gifts that participating merchants provide should be in-theme in some way.  For our Events, products that participating merchants display for sale should be in-theme in some way; however, it is not required to only have in-theme vendors.

Since 2009, our Mieville community does three large month-long Hunts every year and special Events or Faires are tied with these:   

Some years the larger events with Hunts may have more specific sub-themes such as "Silk Road: Silks, Spices & Secrets." In addition, the MHH group hosts numerous smaller Events with themed markets throughout the year. However, all our themes can be interpreted broadly if necessary.  We are flexible!  If in doubt, ask one of the MHH staff members!

2.  Application process. Applications for participation in one of our Mieville Hunts and larger Events are typically released a month or more in advance. 

3.  Group Communication. To facilitate communication and community-building, please observe the following:

4.  About Gifts.  For the Hunt, the gift you provide for our Hunts must be free.  For Events, you may donate a gift at your booth to encourage visitors or as part of games we organize.  

5.  Inclusion. The Mieville community has a long tradition of inclusion and respect.  Our community includes child avatars, Dinkies, Furries, Mer-folk, large and small Animals, Insects and Arachnids, as well as humans and additional avatar expressions. If possible, please aim for a gift for one or more of these communities or a gift that anyone might enjoy. Thank you!

6.  Adult regions & content. The Mieville community and its Hunts and Events are Moderate. 

7.  Adhere to Mieville's Code of Conduct & Values statements.   Mieville has always been a kind and supportive community. We are LGBTQ+ friendly, neurodiverse & disability friendly, kid friendly, and respectful of diverse identities and backgrounds. Violence,  personal attacks, hate speech etc. are not permitted in our community and all our activities. We keep things positive in Mieville and our activities; profanity is discouraged.

Participating in a Hunt?  See Guidance & Rules here!

The Merchant Box: Hunt Set-Up Guidance, Rules & Due Dates

Our rules are simple and help to ensure a smooth and consistent Hunt experience for Hunters and good exposure and publicity for you and your shop or site!  All merchants accepted to participate in a Mieville Hunt will receive a "Merchant Box" that includes set-up information and materials that must be used as prescribed. Below are general rules regarding some of the Hunt materials. Additional rules and guidance may be included in your Merchant Box — be sure to read those. Due dates are marked with ***asterisks below.

 1.  The Kiosk Poster.  Mieville Hunts now use a scripted "Kiosk poster."  ***As soon as you receive your Merchant Box, rez the Kiosk Poster immediately at your shop.  The scripts in the Kiosk poster will immediately connect your shop site to our Kiosk online website that Hunt assistants will be monitoring.  Rezzing the Kiosk poster immediately also helps advertise the upcoming Hunt to your clientele!

2.  Your HINT Object.  ***Rez this immediately right by your Kiosk poster.  Don't put your actual hint in it yet, but do indicate that Hunt starts on [date].  

3.  Your HUNT GIFT Object. You will place your boxed gift inside this object and then hide the object for Hunters to find.

What is "fairly"?

*** Important Due Date: Your Hunt Gift item MUST be ready and hidden by MIDNIGHT SLT on the night before Hunt start. If you have an extenuating situation, please send a message to Hunt assistants or the Admin team if you are running late. We can be flexible but do need to know.

4.  Decoys?  If you want to have Decoys for a mini-hunt at your shop, no more than 10 may be used.  

5.  Publicity sign or "poster". There may be an additional Hunt flyer (poster) in your Merchant Box for you to use for any additional publicity efforts at your site if you wish.  Do not confuse this with the "Kiosk poster". 

6. Mieville Hunt Assistants: Before and during the Hunt you may be contacted by Hunt assistants if there appear to be any issues with your set-up  or Hunters having significant problems finding your Gift. Please be prepared to work with us and abide by Mieville Hunt rules and our guidance for improving "findability" of your Gift, if necessary. After all, your gift wants to be found!

Participating in an Event? See Guidance & Rules here!

Merchant Rules & Due Dates

Our rules are simple and help to ensure a smooth and quality experience for you and visitors to the Event!

1. Publicity: After acceptance, you will be provided with a publicity poster that we ask that you display at your home shop or location as soon as possible. (If you are also participating in the Hunt, please see Hunt Guidance & Rules for information about the Kiosk poster.) 

2. Group Communication: You must join the Mieville Historical Hunts Merchants Group in order to be in the Event, and must use that tag when you rez items for your booth.  If you are not in this Group please contact any Admin team member to get an invite.  

3. Boundaries: Please decorate within your shop/booth/cart only. If you would like to decorate around this space you must contact and get permission from the event lead.

4. Respect: Please be respectful of the builders and the other merchants. If there is an altercation, please notify a member of the MHH Admin staff right away.

5. Deadlines: We require that you are fully set up by the established due date established for that specific Event. RL comes first, so if you have a problem and need assistance or more time, please contact an Event team member.

6. Donate: Event sites are projects that MHH staff work very hard on.  Please donate to a nearby Donation item (hat, gargoyle, etc). These enable the staff to continue to make these events possible.


Set-up or something not working? Please contact MHH staff  with any Hunt/Event related questions or for assistance. If you notice any problems with the Hunt/Event or have suggestions for improvement, please let us know that too! We appreciate your feedback — it helps us improve! 🥰

Merchant Groups: Remember that Mieville Historical Hunts Merchants is the group all merchants should join and remain in during the Hunt/Event. Feel free to ask questions, check in with other Merchants, and socialize in Chat on that Group!

Hunters' Groups: The main groups for Hunters are Mieville Historical Hunts and the older "Historical Hunts Ltd."  group. Many within these Groups will also be visiting the Events. Additional Hunters may also be in the huge Mieville Group.