Event Guidance & Rules for Merchants 

Guidance &  Rules for Mieville Historical Hunts (MHH) Events

About our Hunts: Mieville Historical Hunts have a long and respected tradition of fun, fairness, generosity and silliness, inclusion, and being geared toward General to Moderate audiences and content. We coordinate large events, often including multiple regions. These are able to be open to merchants by establishing guidelines that enable everyone to work together smoothly and through a set of guiding principles to assist in successful events. In addition, we expect all merchants to follow our set-up processes and due dates, and to let us know when you have questions.  MHH assistants are here to help you!

Why should you and your shop participate? Events provide good exposure to your shop, offering you an opportunity to reach new customers and engage with a large and active community. 

Cultural sites: And although we say "merchants" and "shops," sites such as art galleries, museums, libraries, etc. are very welcome to participate! All you need is items you can add to a cart, shop, or booth that will provide something that people can visit, and abide by our simple rules, you and your site are very welcome to setup in the event.

Everyone: Please read below to familiarize yourself with our Event guidance, rules, and expectations. We look forward to you joining us in our Events! 

~ The Mieville Historical Hunts Team reserves the right to drop from the Hunt any Merchant Shop that does not abide by the Guidance & Rules for our Hunts. ~
We will make every effort to first communicate with you about the issue, and work with you toward satisfactory resolution. We want you to be in our Hunts!

General Guidance

1.  Mieville Historical Events have themes: Shops that participating merchants provide should be in-theme in some way; however, it is not required to only have in-theme vendors. Some things you can do is add in-theme decor or special exclusive items that are in theme.  Since 2009, our Mieville community does three large month-long Events every year and a variety of other themed events and street fairs:   

Some years may have more specific sub-themes such as "Silk Road: Silks, Spices & Secrets." However, all our themes can be interpreted broadly if necessary.  We are flexible!  If in doubt, ask one of the Event assistants!

2.  Application process. Applications for participation in one of our Mieville Events are typically released a month or more in advance. Merchants interested in participating should fill out and submit their application as soon as possible. Merchants will be notified when their application has been accepted for participation.  If you miss the application due date, please inquire. We may have some flexibility to consider late applications.

3.  Group Communication. All participating Merchants must join the Mieville Historical Hunts Merchants group and remain in the group for the duration of the Event, if not longer. This facilitates communication and community-building! We will share Event information, news, and materials via this Group. You should also feel free to use the Group for friendly Chat, socializing, and asking questions. (Outside of Events, we have many weekly dances, monthly Street Fairs, and other events. We would love for you to participate!) Please also feel free to message members of the Admin Team with specific questions. 

4.  About Event Gifts & Games. During Events there will be opportunities for you to provide visitors with gifts, either as a result of the game points they have earned or just as part of an opportunity to get more visitors in your shop. Please consider making gifts that are inclusive to the many different types of people that will visit, such as both male and female sized clothing objects or objects that do not require specific avatars or genders.

5.  Inclusion. The Mieville community has a long tradition of inclusion and respect.  Our community includes child avatars, Dinkies, Furries, Mer-folk, large and small Animals, Insects and Arachnids, as well as humans and additional avatar expressions. If possible, please aim for a gift for one or more of these communities or a gift that anyone might enjoy. Thank you!

6.  Adult Shops. Mieville regions are moderate; however, all visitors and all merchant items must be completely clothed, and vendors must have appropriate coverage on body parts as if this were a general region. In this way, we will also not be allowing sex-focused shops of any sort in the events.

7.  Adhere to Mieville's Code of Conduct & Values statements.   Mieville has always been a kind and supportive community. We are LGBTQ+ friendly, neurodiverse & disability friendly, kid friendly, and respectful of diverse identities and backgrounds. Violence,  personal attacks, hate speech etc. are not permitted in our community or our Hunts. We keep things positive in Mieville and our Hunts; profanity is discouraged.

Merchant Rules & Due Dates

Our rules are simple and help to ensure a smooth and quality experience for you and visitors to the event.


Set-up or something not working? Please contact Event assistants with any Event-related questions or for assistance. If you notice any problems with the Event or have suggestions for improvement, please let us know that too! We appreciate your feedback — it helps us improve! 🥰

Merchant Groups: Remember that Mieville Historical Hunts Merchants is the group all merchants should join and remain in during the Event. Feel free to ask questions, check in with other Merchants, and socialize in Chat on that Group!

Hunters' Groups: The main groups for Hunters are Mieville Historical Hunts and the older "Historical Hunts Ltd."  group.  This is also where you will find many of the individuals who are visiting the events.