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**Did you finish the hunt? Ready for the Fav Fives of Silk Road XIV?**


Visit all the activities of the event:

From June 1st to June 31st - Silk Road XIV - Pax Mongolia and the Royal Highway!

From the gridwide hunt to the multi-region event... you'll need to set aside some time to make this a part of your vision, your world, so come on down!


There is a LOT to explore:

Mongolia in Mieville Dickens - home to the Khan dynasty

Mongolia Click Here


You are invited to participate in a Quest to find Queen Borte's missing jewels. Pity the thief who is responsible for the theft.  But rejoice at the reward given to the person who reveals him.  That would be you!!  : )

(LM to the Tent of Chinggis Khan)


In your travels here you are invited to participate in the Cabbage Polo game. Simply rez a horse, ride to the center of the field and rez a cabbage, and then try like crazy to get the cabbage into the goal.  You will have a limited time in which to do so before the cabbage disappears.  You can play by yourself, or play with friends.  You don't even need a horse if you'd rather just run.  And did you know that the Mongolians used the heads of their enemies for this game, but cabbages seemed more in tune with today's culture.  No Scores, no gifts, just lots of fun.


Another adventure here is the Hunt for the Gems, held at the Arabian Fort in the land of sand in the Northern region of Mongolia,  You will need to wear a hud, which is provided free, and to accept the experience key.  You will be looking for 7 Gems, and once found you will receive a lovely gift.  Be aware, there will be dangers in your search.


Near by you'll find horses for the Pony Express which was first started

by the Ancient Mongolians.  It will be a delightful way to travel to all

the stations throughout the two Event Sims where gifts await you at participating merchants booths.  (Dickens - Mongolia, Shelley - Gorlitz, Germany.)


Look for the 'Historical' Markers as you explore.  Touch the White Horse-Hair Peace Banners  (Sample at Mongolia Entrance) for the interesting facts.  (Quiz follows!) 

((heh heh - did you think I was kidding about the Quiz?))


Sebby, our resident historian, says GOOD scores will receive a great prize. Click on the Quiz Poster to get the information, and then return your completed Quiz to the Mail Box.


Watch notices for dates & times.  You're welcome anytime though.  Belly Dance Intan is in place and awaiting you.


Do visit the shops here and as you travel through you'll enjoy some of the

beauty of the lands that are Mongolia, with a pinch of intrigue that is Arabian, and be sure to visit the Kahn's Royal Court and Palace.  Mind you, be on your P & Q's if you want to keep your head.  



A fun way to test your skills.  Who knows.  You may impress the Khan.  You'll find them on the outside of the south side of the Fort.

#10 - Be sure to pet the camels at the Oasis.

Gorlitz, Germany if Mieville Shelley - Home to amazing world of early Germany!

Visit Here

Welcome to the Silk Road 2023 event: Pax Mongolia and the Royal Highway, exploring the expansion of the Mongolian empire all the way to western Europe.

Visit the market town of Görlitz, Germany, ca 1400-1500s.

Gorlitz, Germany represents the threshold of where the Mongolian Empire reached western Europe.

Here you can visit the Whispering Arches building


and learn about the town, and the special buildings recreated in this region.

Browse the Untermarkt shops and stop in at the tavern for a rest.

Enjoy your travels!

In addition, there is a Mieville Adventure... located by entering a hidden cave...


Have you a hankering for being the hero? An undeniable itch to take on bandits, goblins, and orcs? Well, we have just the thing for you. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and address those issues of farming boredom... Stop by the fishing hut and talk to Nana Ma!

The hut is here!

Using GCS (Grim Combat System) we have created for you a world of challenging adventures, filled with over a dozen missions and around the same amount in gifties!

You do need to accept the Mieville HH Experience... to use the teleporters. You'll need them, the teleporters... it could very well save you one day.

BUT did you think that was all?

It's not!

Head over to Dragonsworn where Briony and Kerhop have built amusement rides and areas to explore that bring you right back up to the now... 

Play on the rides and explore!

Get going! You have a lot to do an a lot of presents and gifts to find!

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